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Sixth Day Dance is a not-for-profit modern dance company that brings together performers with and without physical and intellectual disabilities. In doing do, they create innovative dance theater performances that challenge society’s view, decrease prejudices and misconceptions while pushing all our dancers to new levels of artistic excellence.

Colaboration with Sixth Day Dance

On July 10th, 2016 our Syncopation Dance Company performed choreography that featured one of Sixth Day Dance's students, Becky. Becky has Down Syndrome and uses dance as a way to express herself. Syncopation Dance Company performed a new piece titled, "Through Memory, Practice, and Song." This piece told the story about how learning is not the same for everyone, and not always easy. It is important for us to pass on our knowledge to others and to embrace our different abilities and learning styles. And that when faced with frustration, to keep trying, as the process is often more important than the end result.  

contemporary dancers on stage
contemporary dancers on stage
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